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     I have always known that I wanted to paint. In fact, I cannot remember a time when the answer to "What do you want to be when you grow up?" was anything but "Artist". Growing up on California's Central Coast, I had the immense privilege of regular access to the stunning natural beauty of the Monterey Bay as well as a vibrant and long-established art scene. So I spent much of my childhood free-time exploring, drawing, and creating.
     In adolescence, that pursuit shifted as I began to explore photography - following the footsteps of my dad, who is an excellent amateur film photographer. I immersed myself in learning the craft and quickly began taking clients. Over the few years following high school, this led to a full time career in portraiture and wedding photography. Despite the success of this work in many ways, that dream of being a painter was still alive and biting at my heels. So when my husband and I relocated to a small town on the East Coast for a job opportunity for him, I took the leap and retuned to school to complete my BA in Painting in 2014.
      Following graduation and one more cross-country move back to California, I began to paint regularly - selling work and participating in a few group and solo exhibitions at local venues. When we eventually settled in the Bay Area for a season, this momentum halted as I took up professional opportunities in Environmental Branding and Design work. I loved learning this new field, but found myself once more pulled towards an alternative creative path that - though perhaps an excellent opportunity - I now recognized as a detour from where I really wanted to go. So when our organization restructured and we moved yet again, I took the leap. I enrolled in the MFA in Painting in the Fall of 2017 at the Academy of Art University, and for the first time actually committed to pursuing a career as a Fine Artist. I was terrified.
      I had allowed myself to be pulled away from Fine Art because those were the easier options. I wasn't afraid to fail in those fields, because I never loved the work as much as I loved painting. The beauty of these detours however, is that as I ran away from what I enjoyed most, I collected an eclectic set of skills and experiences that would better equip me for the journey to return to it. My work will be forever informed by a love of light, the figure, and how people experience art and environments. Perhaps more importantly - through these many changes of place and profession - I began to believe that Painting was not only a worthy and valid pursuit, but that I could be afraid and do it anyway. That perhaps my journey would in fact be even more beautiful for the bravery it's required.  

how we're wired? Types and tests? I could talk about these things all day. In case you could too, I'm an Enneagram type 9w8 and an INFP on Myers briggs. 

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my husband and I have moved 14 times in the last 11 years. top item on our list of new years resolutions? not moving. but if you need some tips on how to start fresh, I'm your girl. 

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At this point, I've embraced it. Nothing beats a cup of tea, good book, and a purring kitty on your lap. we currently have two, and they are the best.

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